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This is the website of the members of IG Metall at Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Grünheide. Like the car plant, the website is still work in progress. Here you will find answers to your most pressing questions, and ways to get in touch with us.

I am applying to work at Tesla Grünheide and have questions.

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I’m starting at Tesla Grünheide and I am already a union member. What can I do?

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FAQ (continuously updated)

I am thinking of applying for a job at Tesla. What kinds of jobs are they looking for?


If you're interested in job offers at Tesla Grünheide, make sure to check the Tesla Homepage as well as Arbeitsagentur Frankfurt/Oder (employment agency) for job offerings. Which procedure of application makes more sense, depends on what kind of job you're looking for.


For questions and help regarding your application, feel free to contact us.


I want to apply for a job at Tesla Gigafactory 4. Is there anything I need to know?


The application process at Tesla differs in some respects from the usual procedure at German companies.


Please get in touch if you have questions or would like to be given advice.



I'm interested in absolving a vocational training (Ausbildung) and/or a Dual Studies Programme at Tesla Grünheide. What kinds of trainings do they offer?


Tesla started offering vocational trainings (German ‚Ausbildung‘) and Dual Studies Programmes at Giga 4 in 2021. If you're interested in vocational trainings and/or Dual Studies at Tesla Grünheide, make sure to check the Tesla Homepage as well as Arbeitsagentur Frankfurt/Oder (employment agency) for offerings. Which procedure of application makes more sense for you, depends on what kind of job you want to qualify for.


Please get in touch if you have questions or would like to be given advice.



When is Tesla's Berlin office opening?


Tesla has articulated interest in opening a Design and Development Center in Berlin after the production site in Grünheide (state of Brandenburg) has been established. To our knowledge, a location for that center is yet to be found.



I had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) during the application process or as part of my employment contract. Is that normal

Many applicants have been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Although it is not common in Germany to ask applicants to sign a NDA , it is not usually anything to worry about.


If you would like to know more about this, we can help.



Is there a works council at Tesla Grünheide?

No, there is currently no works council (Betriebsrat) at Tesla Grünheide. There is no youth/trainee (JAV)  or disabled workers’ representation (SBV) either.

Are you interested in setting up a works council? We happily provide advice.   


Is there a union contract or collective agreement at Tesla Grünheide? Which union contracts apply?

There is not yet a union contract at Tesla Grünheide.

At Tesla – like at any other workplace – union members will have to stand together to win a union contract. That will mean organising a significant proportion of the workforce. The objective is to agree a contract between the union and the management (or the sectoral employers’ organisation).

Union contracts regulate pay and conditions in a single workplace or for an entire sector. Formally they apply only to union members. Because there is currently no union contract at Tesla, so each employee has to negotiate their own pay and conditions with management.

You have more questions regarding pay agreements?



The weekly hours in my employment contract are different from the Tesla working hours notice. What’s that about?

The employment contract is signed by the employee and a representative of management, and normally takes precedence. Changes to the employment contract must also be agreed and signed by both sides. In the case of notices, employees usually just sign to confirm they have received them. But it depends on details.

If you want to know more:



Tesla Grünheide does not yet have a works council. What does a works council actually do?

A works council is democratically elected body to represent all the employees in a workplace. Its job is to safeguard workers’ interests and represent them to management and negotiate with the employer. The tasks of a works council includes:

•    Negotiating workplace agreements ("Betriebsvereinbarung") to improve working conditions
•    Ensuring that the employer observes the rules, regulations and laws concerning pay, conditions, health and safety etc.
•    Making sure all workers are treated equally
•    Protecting jobs
•    Co-determining decisions concerning facilities and processes
•    Promoting work-life balance

… and a lot more. Let us know if you have questions about works councils or want to start one.



Who decides on pay? Can a works council negotiate my salary?

A works council cannot negotiate about rates of pay, working hours and other matters that are usually regulated in collective agreements (union contracts/ger: Tarifverträge ). If the works council does so anyway, the employer can always decide to terminate the agreement.


A union contract however can only be negotiated and signed by a trade union and once it’s signed, is legally binding. How much the union can achieve always depends on its strength in the specific workplace. In other words, how many members the union has there and how active and well-organised they are.

How do I know if I am on the right pay level at Tesla?

One of the things a union contract regulates is which jobs are covered by which pay level and how much pay you get. If there is a union contract, the employer is legally bound to its contents.


So in a workplace with a union contract, workers can insist on correct grading – even by taking the employer to court if necessary. Since there’s no collective agreement applying to Tesla Grünheide, Tesla does not have to obey such rules. In consequence this means: every employee to negotiate for themselves, regarding their job position and how much they get paid.


What is IG Metall?

IG Metall is Germany’s largest trade union. It unites  more than 2.2 million members fighting together for better pay as well as working and living conditions.

IG Metall in numbers:
•    Members in more than 14 000 companies in 30 industrial sectors
•    More than 155   union locals  across Germany
•    About 52 000 elected works council representatives


If you'd like to know more about IG Metall, click here:



How can I join IG Metall?

That’s easy. Click here to become part of our community:



What are the benefits of joining IG Metall?

1. Collective action on salary and conditions

IG Metall provides the tools to fight for your interests at work. If you and your colleagues want to improve your working conditions, it only works together. If you want to build the union at Tesla or have questions, just let us know.

2. Legal representation

We advise members on all work-related issues, including employment contracts, references and terminations. When conflicts occur, we provide free legal advice service and representation. This covers all aspects of labour  and social law, including unemployment, health insurance, pensions and employers’ liability insurance.

3. Local knowledge

Our full-time and volunteer organisers are providing expert advice and support to our members at Tesla. As well as full-time officials, our team includes works council members, youth reps as well as  shop stewards from workplaces in the region.

4. Representing workers’ interests in politics and society

The IG Metall brings together all the shop-floor knowledge about work and industry held by works council representatives, youth reps, shop stewards and union officials. We actively shape public policy to reflect our members’ interests. Just  like in the workplace, our political influence in society depends on the strength of our membership.


Does my employer need to know I joined IG Metall?

No, your employer does not need to know you joined a union. Legally speaking, your boss or superior isn’t even allowed to ask.