When will IG Metall come to Tesla?


Many ask themselves: When will IG Metall finally come to Tesla?

The answer is simple: it’s been there all along!

Trade union structures rarely appear out of thin air. Take for instance VW, Daimler, Audi or all other branches in which the roughly 2,2 million IG Metall-members are organized – the union has always been built by its members. Those members have ever since been the driving force that constituted the union’s power in the factories. That simple truth will not change in the future and it and is therefore valid also in the case of Tesla.

Only with a strong trade union movement and only where many get together and join IG Metall will there be the possibility of a successful fight for better working conditions, a good life and dignity.

If you’re hoping to see fundamental changes at Tesla, you have to be willing to take the first step yourself.  Many have decided to take that step in the last couple of months and years and are already in the process of building up IG Metall. Be part of the movement and built your trade union at Tesla with us!